Storytelling - sparks photography: Project 367 and beyond

"Once Upon a Time... because you know all good stories start with once upon a time..."

So I start my stories.  I tell  traditional stories, the ones that are passed down from generation to generation. My specialty is Appalachian and Affrilachian stories. Both come from the mountains of VIrginia, West VIrginia and North Carolina. Affrilachian stories encompass tales told by black residents of the Appalachian region. 

I've told stories at Redwing Roots Festival, FloydFest, Appalachian String Band Music Festival, Harrisonburg International Festival,  Great Blue Heron Festival, Spotswood Elementary, Keister Elementary, MinnieLand Day Care Center, Thomas Harrison Middle School, and my home school, Skyline Middle School. 

Some of my favorite stories I tell are: 

Like Meat Loves Salt 

Brer Rabbit Goes Hunting but Brer Rabbit Bags the Game 


Whitebear WHittington

Mr. Fox

Molly Whuppie

Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby 

Brer Possum's Dilemma 

How Brer Rabbit Outsmarted the Frogs

Like Meat Loves Salt